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Advanced Esthetics & Laser Services

Aroma Spa & Laser Center is proud to bring the most advanced skin care to surrounding communities. Laser treatments continues to be the #1 requested aesthetic treatment. We offer multiple state-of-the-art laser systems to choose from for women, men and teens of all skin types. Based on comfort and satisfaction with 100% guaranteed results. Our goal is to provide high quality treatments at an affordable price in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. At Aroma it is our priority to make sure that all of our clients are well-informed during their complementary consultation. Therefore, we can provide the best services and prices possible.

We simply want you to look and feel your best!!


Laser Hair Removal

For people who are tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing, laser hair removal is the quick and efficient solution to permanently remove unwanted hair.


Laser Scars & Stretch Marks Reduction

Laser scar removal uses powerful technology to reduce the look of scars without harming surrounding skin. 



Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

All areas of the face, neck, and body can have dramatic results from a Genesis treatment.  This innovative therapy reaches deep into the dermis layer of the skin, promoting a vibrant, healthy appearance. Also, stimulates the body’s natural collagen production.

=Safely treat redness (rosacea)

=Fades acne scars

=Stimulates collagen production

=Reduces the appearance of fine lines

=Naturally promotes a healthy look

=Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation




Noninvasive treatment for the appearance of cellulite. Using a combination of vacuum therapy while emitting led light (650 nm) and laser (915 nm) energy. 

Laser Vascular Removal 

Laser is absorbed by the blood, destroying the vessel. Over time, the vessel disappears,restoring the skin’s natural appearance.



Laser Pigmented Lesion

Pigmentation often represents one of the first signs of aging. That is why so many people are interested in removing. We have specifically designed laser treatments for the removal of pigmented lesions and mild to moderate wrinkles.


Microchanneling Treatment

This skin rejuvenation technique also uses CUTTING EDGE stem cell science that will stimulate the release of natural epidermal growth factors without damaging the skin. Dramatically improves firmness, elasticity and tone.

=Fine lines and wrinkles

=Scars from acne, stretch marks, injury and surgical procedures.


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