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Hormonal Acne, Bacterial Acne, Systic Acne


Acne is a disorder of the skin marked by papules, comedones or cysts. Increased sebaceous activity or inflammation are often present as well.

Most common presentations of acne:

Hormonal Acne – common in adolescence. Cyclical breakouts can occur and hormonal acne may present itself at any stage in life when hormones fluctuate (e.g. pregnancy, introduction of oral contraceptives, menopause)

Bacterial Acne– may be the result of an over – production of bacteria within the follicle or pore. Topical oxygen sources, such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, help to control bacteria proliferation.

Cystic Acne -sufferers experience large, painful nodules beneath the surface of the skin, which can remain for weeks or months. The depth and inflammation associated with cystic acne can destroy the follicle and cause acne scars.

In Office Treatments:

At home tips:

Customized Acne Kit
Keep skin as clean as possible.
Change pillowcases frequently.
Do not extract at home.

Before & After Images: