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hydro facials

This is a customized facial that combines up to 5 powerful technologies that reach different skin layers. We will discuss your skin goals with you and decide on a treatment that is perfect for your skin!

What do the 5 technologies do?
DEEP CLEANSING – Clean, hydrate and prepare skin to maximize treatment with our high-tech spiral vacuum.
REVIVE YOUR SKIN – Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture with a triple technology that combines microdermabration, vibration and red LED light.
GET FIRMER SKIN – Reduce skin laxity and enhance the appearance of facial contouring by toning and stimulating facial muscles with our painless microcurrents.
REJUVENATE THE SKIN – Reinforces a firmer and rejuvenated skin by encouraging natural collagen production with our facial radio frequency.
MORE GLOW – Sooths and hydrates the skin, improves moisture retention and contributes to healthy skin appearance with our thermal ultrasound technology.

Hydro Glow

Using 5 powerful technologies this treatment will provide you with the ultimate skin transformation a deep cleansing process, to promote skin cell turnover & infusing nourishing active ingredients resulting in a rejuvenated, brighter skin.

Hydro Lift

This treatment includes lifting technologies that target sagging or drooping areas of the skin, we will stimulate collagen production and promote skin elasticity with the goal is restore your skin natural elasticity and vitality.

Hydro Facial - Preime Sinclair

Hydro bright

Throughout specialized customized treatments it will reduces the appearance of discoloration and minimizes the visible signs of environmental stress and improves the overall appearance of aging skin by hydrating the skin with nutrients.

hydro facial 1

Diva's with hydro

All the relaxation of our signature european style facial with the added benefits of our new Préime Derma facial and premium nourishing active ingredients for supercharged skin looking younger, uplifted, hydrated and feeling smoother than ever.

hydro facial 2

Hydro +

Our introduction to the Préime modalities this treatments promotes increased hydration while gently but deeply exfoliating your skin leading to a visibly youthful look with overall improved skin texture